You Be the Judge

In 1990, my 19 year-old son was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a Cancer of the lymph nodes. That such a thing could happen to my son shocked me into disbelief and horror. As devastated as I was, I resolved that he would receive the best possible treatment.


The oncologist who diagnosed the Cancer, met with us to explain my son’s treatment options. He told us that the chemotherapy my son would receive caused nausea in younger patients and recommended smoking marijuana to help him get through the treatment. We discussed prescribing Marinol. But he told us that most patients wouldn’t be able to keep the pill down if the chemotherapy made them vomit and recommended that he smoke it instead.


At the time, the area I lived in was experiencing a shortage in the very substance my son needed. When I felt I had little hope but to wait the shortage out, a chance meeting with a friend from high school got me what my son needed.


The marijuana didn’t stop the nausea my son experienced after his monthly chemo injection. But smoking it before he got the shot helped him in more ways than one. The chemo made him so sick that he threw up even before receiving his injection. Smoking marijuana kept him from getting sick until he got home. Although he did vomit after he received the chemotherapy, smoking marijuana made him feel more comfortable and temporarily relieved his nausea until the chemo triggered another period of vomiting. It helped him hold food in his stomach long enough to get some nutritional benefit. For a year, he spent three days a month sick from chemotherapy. Once he completed his course of treatment, the Cancer never returned.


Whenever I bought marijuana to help my son get through his treatment, I worried about the risk of getting arrested. Who would get him to and from his treatments safely and care for him? Fortunately, I got my son the medicine he needed without getting myself arrested.


If I had ever had to stand trial, I would have told the judge, “If your child had Cancer, you would do the very same thing I did to make your child feel better.”


That is how much love we show our children. If cannabis were legalized medication, a parent would not have to break the law to help their chil


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  • Alcina

    wonderful post keep posting.

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    Wonderful article! You are truly blessed with writing talent. Your article gave me many original points to ponder. Thank you for thought-provoking and interesting material.

    • Jeffrey

      Thank you for your reply, we will post new info weekly. Please share with patients, family & friends

      Thank You & Be Safe,

      Jeffrey Kennedy

  • Jeffrey

    Thanks for your reply, we will strive to post new info weekly for the patients, please share with patients, family & friends.

    Thanks again & be safe,

    Jeffrey Kennedy

  • social

    Is it fine to place a portion of this in my personal weblog if I publish a reference to this web page?

  • Jeffrey

    Alot of are patients sometimes seem to be brain dead, Thats because they are perscribed all these different narcotics from their so called Doctors, Opiates, Zanax I could go on & on with a list of all these drugs and there dangerous side effects they can cause.
    I ask you just to take 10 minutes a day and do your own research. You will find stories from patients like myself, that should have the right to choose, Medical Cannabis or Opiates.
    You can also find us on FB page, I’m A Patient Not A Criminal, We also have the rights to .org & .net, We also have copy right & trade marks applactions applied for logo. We are a Non-Profit here to give the patients a voice & educate the sick & disabled if arrested, they do have a defense. I used it and won. The Medical Necessity Defense !!

    Thank you for your feed back, And please share with someone you know that maybe sick or disabled.

    Thanks & Be Safe,

    Jeffrey Kennedy

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