Who Uses Medical Marijuana? A Marine’s Story

Medical marijuana patients come from all walks of life. Recently, a military veteran who uses medical cannabis for chronic pain reached out to share his story. Here it is in his own words:

“Here are the clouded and obscured thoughts of a man who has traveled the world to serve his country, and is a proud medical marijuana user. First of all, I am a proud military veteran, United States Marine Corps from October 2005 until September of 2010. At that time I was also an avid martial artist, specializing in jui jitsu and judo. I remember training with two sergeants on camp Al-Asad where I was deployed for 7 months during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I earned my ribbon and did my part and had a lot of good times doing it, but I digress. Martial arts was an excellent and healthy way to pass the time, but it was very hard on my body, and ended up causing me massive nerve flares and many years of pain.


Traditional painkillers did not work for me. I also had an older injury in which I shattered my left clavicle had it reattached with a permanent metal implant. After my third surgery, I was prescribed 60 10mg of hydrocodone. I began taking them as prescribed, but as the old cliché goes, it quickly got out of control. I began taking 10 or more per day to try to mask the pain which affected me severely every day.


In all honesty, I knew it wasn’t right. I knew a normal course of narcotic painkillers would not exceed 500x the recommended dose. It was all I had however, every other form of legal or illegal painkiller was strictly prohibited because I was still on active duty. I was a straight marine.


Anyway, fast forward 3 or so years later and I was out of the marine corps and Moving to Prescott, AZ to attend college. During my first semester I never touched any illegal drugs and barely drank because I was in a pilot program and had too much fun flying and studying aerodynamics and engineering. But in time I discovered that marijuana is a natural and non-addictive pain medicine that works for my pain and nausea.


I was an avid road cyclist and dirt biker, which is hard on the body. I remember one time during the violence which is involved in a motocross race, I was riding over my head as they say and endoed hard into square braking bumps down a back straight. If you’ve never experienced an “endo” on a big motorcycle, it is a violent scenario in which the front wheel digs in to the ground and a massive front flip occurs ad slaps your body into the rough rocky dirt. Still I finished the three laps, back spasming from hunching over on my flat handlebars.


This set my pain over the edge. I didn’t want to take chemicals anymore so I starting buying a little herb from a buddy. It was natural after all, and not physically addictive like any narcotic pain killer. It helped ease the pain, and helped me sleep better.


Medical marijuana also helped with my chronic nausea that was a result from large amounts of radiation I was exposed to as a marine. I was a radar crew chief, fried day in and out for months. I was the one on a 10 ft structure with a Radar 50yds away punching 46 kilowatts into the sky. The AN/TPS-59V(3) a beautiful and dangerous weapon. Every day I was suffering from fluid loss and an inability to eat unless I used a small amount of cannabis.


I was a red blooded American veteran after all, so I wanted to get legal as soon as possible. So I decided to pursue a medical marijuana card from a contact with marijuanadoctors.com, and I was hooked up with an appointment in my home state of Nevada. Now I enjoy telling the story about my service and subsequent injury and how I found the natural medicine to relieve my chronic pain.”


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  • Jeffrey

    Thank you for taking the time and visiting are web site, Please tell all patients, family & friends,

    Thanks Again & Be Safe,

    Jeffrey Kennedy

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