Volunteers Needed For CanFest Planning Meeting November 5th in Melbourne, Fl

Volunteers Needed!!! For This Great Event.

Next CANFest planning meeting:

November 5, 2012 House of Joe SR 192 Melbourne, FL 6:30 PM

Are you committed to seeing cannabis laws changed? Have you decided it is time to end the war on cannabis and celebrate this incredible plant?

Us too!

We believe CANfest is a great way to educate the community, bring out supporters and share the newest informat
ion on changing cannabis laws.

So, we need your help to make CANFest – brought to you by the First Amendment and the Cannabis Action Network – an event to remember.

Here’s what we need:

People – people and people;

We need a core group of volunteers to staff booths, work security, set up and tear down equipment, manage stages, pick up the grounds, help vendors, and keep our guests entertained. Artists to help with the sign painting on November 10, too.

Specifically, on both Saturday and Sunday, we need 4 volunteer stage managers & at least 10 volunteer security people working 5 or 8 hour shifts.

We need some items loaned to the event:

  • 10 x 10 shelters and as many as 3-20×20 or greater structures – 3- Fire extinguishers for safety
  • An 18Ft or bigger box truck. The stage is donated we need a team to pick it up, set it up and return it (Friday through Monday)
  • Hundreds of feet of security fencing
  • Bounce house or other kid friendly attractions (we paid over $100 for them last year)
  • Loaner pickup trucks
  • Loan of two utility trailers(we move heavy picnic benches on Friday night)
  • Loaner patio furniture (for the Doobie Tosser’s Living Room)
  • Quiet large generator (for the Green Room)
  • Construction zone light tower for safety after dark.
  • 4-Sawhorses to block entrances
  • We need stuff donated too…

For sign painting on November 10, 2012

  • 3 bags of concrete
  • 15 coffee-can size cans.
  • 90 ft. PVC pipe
  • campaign signs with their stakes
  • white paint
  • paint rollers
  • green spray paint
  • assorted paints, colors, brushes
  • large roll of paper or house wrap

By donating or loaning these items to CANFest, you are making a substantial contribution to our work. We will create a safe environment that adults can enjoy with a family-friendly flair, your donated items help us build a big, better, more cost effective event!

Please join us for the CANfest planning meeting or contact Jodi @ 321-253-3673 to confirm donated time or items.

Together we are changing minds – the first step on the road to sensible cannabis laws…


Jodi James

PS. If you can’t donate items or time to make CANFest happen, consider making a cash or credit card donation . We will only use your name if you fill in the “in memory of” option.

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