U.S. Disabled Vet’s Home Burglarized Then Jailed For Growing Own Medication

Hello my name is Shaune Lawrence I am disabled. After serving my country for 10 years. In 1997 I fell through a Lumber Warehouse roof I had bi-lateral multiple femur fractures. Crushed patella’s (knees) both arms fractured, right wrist destroyed Carpel) both ankles crushed one being fused with 3″ titanium screw and bone Graphs, and 5 broken teeth. While in Coma several ortho groups were called into access the damage two refused the Surgery but one stepped in With his brother which was a sports doctor with the NY Jets. 8 hrs later I was put somewhat back together but I was still near death. I survived the fall the Surgery and the rehab, but I couldn’t take any more of those Oxycontins or any Opiates! They made me like the Walking Dead unaware of life.

While at A Veterans function, I asked another Vet how he got along day by day because I could see his body was in shambles like mine. He turned to me and quietly said I smoke Pot. And my pains go away.

On 12-31-12 my home was broken into and Police were called, when they arrived they were more concerned about what they found, instead of the two Bums who entered my home. They found my Medicinal Garden. They searched my home and found my Vacuum canisters holding my food and Medicine. They asked why you have so much. My Response was…”In Florida summertime growing is almost impossible so I grow just in winter and Can preserve the rest of the year, and I have as needed.”

I thought we lived in the United States, not the Divided States, So because I choose Medical Marijuana over Opiates. I am now labeled A Criminal, when I’m just a Disabled/Vet who was trying to live in This Great Country I served for 10yrs of the best part of my life.

I have hired Attorney Michael Minardi to help defend me and these corrupt charges that the State of Florida has brought against me. We will be entering a plea of Not Guilty, and will be using the Medical Necessity Defense.

To insure a proper defense I look to all fellow Medical Cannabis Patients, supporters & caregivers to help with donations for my upcoming trial. Please go to www.Imapatientnotacriminal.org Together We Can & Will Achieve Victory.


Shaune Lawrence

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