This Is The Story Of Delbert Mullins I n His Own Words

My name is Delbert Mullins and I am a 62 year old disabled veteran.  I suffer from a multitude of medical problems including severe lower back pain, that radiates down both legs, from degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and pinched nerves, severe neck pain resulting in surgery fusing four of my cervical vertebrae, severe shoulder pain resulting in surgical repairs to my right shoulder, heart disease, liver disease, chronic nausea, chronic fatigue and depression.  I have had reactions to many pain medications and cannot take morphine without vomiting, so my physician is limited in the choices of medications.  I need more surgery on my neck, but they are not sure yet if I am well enough for the procedure.

I wake up nauseous every day.  I throw up many days, sometimes more than once.  I cannot take my medication without food, and I cannot even think about eating while I am nauseous.  Cannabis helped a lot with the nausea, and it also helped with the pain and the depression.  I was able to take fewer pain pills while using cannabis.  I was able to think about something besides wanting to die while using cannabis, relief I did not ever feel while just using pain pills.  I was able to live without constant stomach-turning, gut-wrenching nausea while using cannabis.  Cannabis improved the quality of my life a great deal.

My family physician has prescribed Marinol (a synthetic cannabanoid) since 2003 for me and it has helped a little bit with the nausea, however my insurance company stopped paying for this VERY expensive medication in 2010 and my income is less than $800 monthly.  I knew that cannabis helped with nausea, but I didn’t know where to obtain it so I attempted to grow a few plants for personal medicinal use.  My plants were spotted by law enforcement helicopters, the S.W.A.T. team came out, treated me like a criminal, and collected everything, and I was later arrested for manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of over 20 grams of cannabis, and drug paraphernalia.  If convicted I am facing eleven years in prison and $11,000 in fines.


I did not hurt anyone.  I did not steal anything.  I was only trying to feel less horrid.  My wife told the arresting officer that I didn’t do anything wrong.  That which is necessary, should be legal.  My lawyer, Michael Minardi is working very hard on my behalf and I felt much better about these legal issues as soon as he said he would represent me.  My next court date is March 19th in Lake City, Florida.


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