The Story of Arnold Diehl

I am 54 years old. Three years ago I found out my COPD and emphysema had reached the moderate stage. My father died from COPD and emphysema so I knew of the suffering and the horrible side effects of the pharmaceuticals given for COPD and emphysema. In my research, I discovered the great benefits that cannabis has on COPD and emphysema.

The pharmaceutical medicines that are given to me as a broncho-dilator make my heart race, make me nervous, make me not be able to sleep, make me not feel like eating and just make me sick. Cannabis is a great broncho-dilator, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and helps me sleep and eat. It was my life saver. Not wanting to deal with the black market, I began to grow my own medicine a few months earlier.

The problem is I do not live in a state which recognizes the miraculous medicinal qualities of cannabis. I live in Indian River County, Florida. I am here because I was raised in Florida and my 87 year old mother lives two miles from me.

Arnold DiehlOn November 19, 2012, while I was at work (hence the paint on my face in the mugshot), the MACE unit of Indian River County knocked my door down and invaded my home, traumatized my pets and destroyed my medicine. I had a very small seven foot by seven foot room in my garage to flower my medicine. I am now being charged with felony cultivation. This is a victimless crime. I was hurting no one. Now, I am suffering because I have no medicine.

Eighteen states currently have workable medical marijuana laws, with 11 more (Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and New York) with currently pending legislation to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. Florida needs to be on that list. Help me fight for the cause. I am not able to have my medicine that allows for me to live a productive life. My family is suffering.

We must stand up for what we believe in if we are ever going to see a change. Do not take deals which turn patients into criminals for not wanting to take man made pharmaceutical poisons with their multitude of side-effects, instead of growing a plant. I have been a firm believer in the all-natural approach being involved in martial arts and health foods since the seventies.

Let’s have Compassion and stand up for Medical Necessity.

Thank You
Arnold Diehl


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