Lee Hughes, a cannabis patients story.

After a traumatic car accident Lee Hughes life was changed. The accident left Lee permanently  disabled with the loss of his left leg and limited use of his hands and fore arms. Lee has chosen cannabis as his treatment for pain, anxiety and nausea. Lee no longer takes prescribed medication that nearly stunned his quality of life with side effects.  This story is inspiring and encouraging to any one who is a cannabis patient or support the compassionate use of cannabis as a medicine.
Please join Lee in his fight to help legalize medical cannabis and help change the laws with educating the public about marijuana and the many uses of hemp in the state of Ohio by joining Central Ohio NORML today by visiting  http://www.meetup.com/Central-Ohio-NORML/ to learn more.



One comment on “Lee Hughes, a cannabis patients story.

  • Jeffrey

    Thank you for your reply, We are new and will strive to post only the best information that is out there, Please share with a patient, family or friend,

    Thanks Again & Be Safe,

    Jeffrey Kennedy

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