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  • Claire

    I’ve been an RN for 25 years, have worked hospise. I now have fibromyalgia. I’m your normal, older,retired
    american. And i support medical use 110%. I have signed petitions. Supported every legalization effort. I love this site and the courage it takes to sign your name. You can bet I support this wholeheartedly. Why, because now I have had fibromyalgia for 10 years. Nothing helps the pain like MJ. But I am a criminal because I need it, use it and it is the only way I can relieve the pain. Now is that fair?


  • patti nale

    i have multiple sclerosis and need medical canibus

  • Michael

    Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear about your illnesses. I wish you the best of luck. I have heard from many how effective cannabis is for M.S. even Montell Williams.
    Thank you for sharing your situations and helping us change the world.
    People need to hear from the patients!!

  • Lionel Rodriguez

    I am a back pain patient that needs MM to reduce my dependency on morphine, and the constipation that comes from that I can cut my morphine use by half if had a supply that i could afford. I can not find it or afford it. My teenage son can find it. I think this is very wrong. Its time to control it like morphine or alcohale take this and othr drugs away from our kds, black marketers dont care whose money theh take

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