Florida Corrupt Cops Exposed: Medical Marijuana Patient Charges Dropped

It is a great day to see a State Attorney’s office do the right thing and drop criminal charges when cops overstep their bounds. A great day for people across this state, when the injustices of police are exposed. Officers in Tampa were climbing fences and trespassing in order to take a whiff of alleged grow houses. Well, their lies and violation of peoples constitutional rights was thwarted as the state attorney’s office in Tampa is investigating the officers and their illegal activities in busting numerous grow houses.

Further, we must commend Mr. Cole for standing up for his rights and pushing his attorney to expose the police corruption.

But when he heard the deputies might have trespassed and lied about it, Cole said, he told his attorney to reject any plea bargain and use his case to pressure the Sheriff’s Office for answers. He was particularly angered by concrete blocks stacked in stair-step fashion on his neighbor’s property next to his fence. Cole thinks officers might have put them there to vault his fence.”

To read rest of article Cannabis Patient goes Free because of Corrupt Cops

This ladies and Gentlemen is the basis of our fundamental constitutional rights, to stand up and fight for our rights.  To pressure our attorney’s to pursue every avenue of justice, to expose corruption, and to live free from fear of prosecution from illegal police activity.

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