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  • Michael

    May 2nd, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., is the next SilverTour event. Please check out the Silvertour website for location information, or stream the event live.
    All are welcome, hope to see you there.

  • Michael

    Colorado citizens, your support is needed today at the trial of Elisa Kappelmann at the El Paso Courthouse in Colorado. She is on trial for felony possession and cultivation. Please show your support and help free Elisa.
    Check out her story here.
    Together we can fight the oppression!!

  • Michael

    The trial of Elisa Kappelmann continues tomorrow. Please show your support, an attend if possible.

  • Michael

    New event in Florida, B.e. Easy Music and Arts Festival July 28th, 2012. 12p.m. to 12 a.m.
    Check out

    This is a festival about supporting people fighting addiction to harmful pharmaceuticals, something cannabis can help them do.

  • Michael

    People of Colorado please join forces to help cancer patient Bob Crouse defend his right to use Medical Cannabis. A jury acquitted Elisa Kappelmann, and Bob needs the same support and verdict. Help protest the prosecutions waste of tax dollars on the senseless trial of an innocent sick man.
    WHEN: Monday June 25, 2012. 7:30a.m. MDT
    WHERE: El Paso County Courthouse Colorado Springs, Co.
    WHY: He deserves to be set free for using gods medicine!!

  • Michael

    Tomorrow is the day for people from Colorado to show up and Support Bob Crouse in his battle to naturally cure his cancer!

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