Judge William Webb of Pasco County, Fl. Orders Bailiff to Handcuff Medical Cannabis Patient

My name Is Alfred Robinson and this is my story. I have been disabled since 1997 and prescribed opiates since sometime in the 80’s. From a work related injury to my back and neck. For some reason my pain management Doctor decided he was no longer going to practice. Fear

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15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert @ Tobacco Road – Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

The 15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert is set to take place at Tobacco Road on Saturday, March 2. Some of the featured performers include Johnny Dread, Sweetbone, The Nag Champayons, Dusthead, Kuyayky, Mr Grim Reapa, Ellen Bukstel, Orrin Bolton ,Steve Minotti, Alonso, Elviza and much more! Speakers include Legal

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U.S. Disabled Vet’s Home Burglarized Then Jailed For Growing Own Medication

Hello my name is Shaune Lawrence I am disabled. After serving my country for 10 years. In 1997 I fell through a Lumber Warehouse roof I had bi-lateral multiple femur fractures. Crushed patella’s (knees) both arms fractured, right wrist destroyed Carpel) both ankles crushed one being fused with 3″ titanium

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Holiday Special

For this “Holiday Special” you will get a choice of 2 T-Shirts (Men’s or Women’s), 1 Hat, 1 Can Koozie & 1 Bottle Koozie Click Here To Purchase our “Holiday Special”

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Proud Marijuana Smoker Demands Jury Trial

Steve Marlowe, peaceful person and long-time marijuana advocate, was driving his peace signed car in Florida in October, 2012 when he was arrested for 19 grams of cannabis (marijuana) – a misdemeanor. Instead of pleading guilty and paying a fine, Steve says he has done nothing wrong and wants a

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