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Overwhelming evidence supports medical use of marijuana!

I’ve read a pair of forceful screeds against medical marijuana in The Sun’s editorial section lately (“Medical marijuana laws make a farce of medicine,” March 7; “Who says marijuana is safe and effective?” March 13). Both make the rather uncontroversial argument that doctors, not lawmakers, should be determining medical policy.

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Connecticut on Verge of Becoming Medical Marijuana State #17

The New England area has become the hotbed of reform for marijuana laws.  Connecticut is now continuing that trend with its medicinal marijuana bill now moving onto the house for further consideration.  In an astonishing show of support an amazing “35 committee members voted in favor of the legislation vs.

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Florida Corrupt Cops Exposed: Medical Marijuana Patient Charges Dropped

It is a great day to see a State Attorney’s office do the right thing and drop criminal charges when cops overstep their bounds. A great day for people across this state, when the injustices of police are exposed. Officers in Tampa were climbing fences and trespassing in order to take

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Arizona Governor Listens: Medical Marijuana Initiative will be Implemented

It is a great day, when our elected officials actually do what they are supposed to, represent the will of the people. Despite many states cowering at the threatening letters from the feds “warning state employees could be prosecuted for participating in the licensing process.” The federal government is so arrogant, not only

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Pipe packing woman charged with child neglect

Live Oak — A spat between a Tallahassee woman and her boyfriend led to her ultimate arrest for disorderly intoxication and child neglect. According to Suwannee County Sheriff’s reports, while on assignment at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park around 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 9, SCSO Deputy Wayne Kelly

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