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Live Silver Tour Show @ Vizcaya Clubhouse in Delray Beach July 24th, 2012

The one thing as humans we can always continue to do is grow, evolve, and hopefully continue to learn. Tuesday July 24, 2012, you can do just that and find out why in 17 states plus Washington D.C. Medical Cannabis is legal. Find out why in California they bus people

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Medical Marijuana for Pain and Depression

Marijuana is one of the most beneficial and  therapeutically active substances known to man. Medical Cannabis refers to the  use of the drug cannabis as a physician-recommended herbal therapy, most  notably as an antiemetic. Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for approximately 4,000 years.  Writings from ancient India confirm

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Mending America with Marijuana

By Amanda Oliva Minardi Mention the word marijuana and many individuals conjure images of hippie buses and unmotivated, munchies-stuffed, basement dwelling video-gamers. The reality, however, is that in addition to the commonly known psychedelic effects, marijuana is a historical, multifunctional plant used in many countries for food, in the production

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DA Stan Garnett tells feds to leave Boulder, Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries alone!

By Erica Meltzer Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett wants federal prosecutors to “back away” from enforcement efforts against medical marijuana businesses that comply with state and local law. In a letter sent Tuesday to U.S. Attorney John Walsh, Garnett said local regulations of the medical marijuana industry were working

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Fuel of the Future?

The Economics, History and Politics of Hemp Fuels By David Malmo-Levine Part One: The Economics of Hemp Fuels “In the most favorable growing conditions, we obtained yields of up to 15,000 kg of stem dry matter per hectare (6,070 kg per acre). Under similar conditions, other crops such as maize,

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