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Cannabis Oil Cures Toddler’s Cancer

The New York Daily News reported today that a dad in Montana helped cure his 2-year-old son’s massive brain tumor with cannabis oil. Mike Hyde, 27, watched helplessly as his son Cash suffered after aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The boy stopped eating for 40 days. He threw up 10 times a

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Federal medical marijuana patient: Cannabis worked a ‘miracle’ for me

LOS ANGELES — In 1988, Elvy Musikka,  became the first woman in the United States to be legally permitted by the federal government to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, due to a case of Glaucoma that threatened to render her blind. Armed with a mountain of paperwork, a dedicated doctor

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Patients House Shot Up By Thugs, Patient Arrested !!!

My name is Jeff Berkowitz I am 54 yrs old and live in Jupiter Florida with my wife and two older children. Thirty plus yrs ago I had a total of 7 knee operations on both knees in a period of 4 years, all of which were workmen’s comp related. 

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Medical Cannabis Treats Tourette Syndrome

. In any of the states that have legalized cannabis for medical use, I would qualify as a patient. My Tourette Syndrome fits the definition of a “movement disorder” that the states with medical marijuana policies recognize.   Tourette Syndrome is a rare genetic neurological condition characterized by motor tics

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Back at the brink, Vet again faces prospect of prison for what he says is medicinal marijuana.

Delbert Mullins lifted his arm just above his shoulder to show how tall the marijuana plants were before they were confiscated last August. “Careful, don’t hurt your shoulder,” his wife Karen said. Delbert was arrested by the Columbia County Sheriff’s office on Aug. 10 after law officials conducting an aerial

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