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Marijuana and Asperger’s Syndrome

Hi I’m Mike Smith, and I live in Utah. Medical Marijuana works. You see, I have a type of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. I’m not like most people. I often am called retarded or stupid. When I was up in Denver, CO for 6 months, I discovered medical marijuana.

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Another post from a Florida Patient

I am writing because I want to share my story, aiding in the legalization and decriminalization of medicinal marijuana, especially in beautiful sun-shiny FL. I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, and severe depression. These diagnoses were the result of sexual, mental, and physical abuse that I endured in

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Julie Settell – Her Chronic Pain

“Pain stared to spread, one day my leg would hurt, the next it was my back, slowly the pain continued to spread through out my body & I would be exhausted after only 2 hrs at work! This is when I decided there must be something more wrong with me

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Who Uses Medical Marijuana? A Marine’s Story

Medical marijuana patients come from all walks of life. Recently, a military veteran who uses medical cannabis for chronic pain reached out to share his story. Here it is in his own words: “Here are the clouded and obscured thoughts of a man who has traveled the world to serve

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Medical Marijuana Patient is Denied Organ Transplant

In a sad example of government propaganda has twisted entire institutions in American society, doctors in hospitals across the country actually punish the most desperate of patients for turning to medical marijuana. Norman Smith, a 63-year old man who is suffering from an inoperable cancer, was removed from the transplant

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