Call In & Show Up In Support of the Medical Marijuana Missionary “Alfred Robinson”

There is a simple but very important action that you can take. On August 16th, your voice will be needed to support the efforts of Alfred Robinson, who will be fighting for his rights and for the rights of us all to medicate without fear of prosecution. Please call and express your support. If you don’t know what to say, here is a suggestion:

“Dear sir, As our elected State Attorney, I encourage you to dismiss the charges against Mr. Robinson. It is a waste of our tax resources and is a burden on the system. Mr. Robinson should not be prosecuted for using cannabis as medicine, which 20 states, plus Washington DC, have now acknowledged as having legitimate medical use . Please have compassion and dismiss this matter.”

Bernie McCabe | (727) 464-6221

State Attorney
Pinellas and Pasco Counties
Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida


Come show your support for Alfred Robinson.

On August 19th at 9AM in the State of Florida, Alfred Robinson will fight not only for his right to use Medical Cannabis; he will be fighting for all Floridians and their rights to use Medical Cannabis.

This will be another historical moment for all Medical Cannabis Patients!

We really need to fill the court room for a show of solidarity. Alfred Robinson is a patient just like many if you, he simply wants his freedom to choose, to be able to choose Medical Cannabis over dangerous pharmaceutical’s. Pharmaceutical’s that kill over 100,000.00 American’s every year. And no one is ever prosecuted for those deaths.

We have tried to get this done the Political way, but it seems big pharmaceutical companies have their hands deep in the wallets of your elected officials, and lets tell the truth. There’s really no money in cure now is their?

So on August 19th in the county of Pasco, The State of Florida at 9AM Show your support for Alfred Robinson as he will use the Medical Necessity Defense


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