Another post from a Florida Patient

I am writing because I want to share my story, aiding in the legalization and decriminalization of medicinal marijuana, especially in beautiful sun-shiny FL. I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, and severe depression. These diagnoses were the result of sexual, mental, and physical abuse that I endured in my childhood family home(s). I have been in the hospital twice as an adult for sever panic attacks, where the psychiatrist prescribed medications such as lithium, blood pressure medication, & Ativan. 

At one point I was taking 11 pills a day. I have personally cut that number down to two pills a day. I had become a zombie, and afraid to be out in the world, I hid in my room for months. I woke up one day and decided no more.  The only medicine that has truly made a difference in my mental well-being is cannabis. I have smoked habitually since 2005. I have had many reservations about sharing to the world that I smoke marijuana daily being a mother of three and the laws currently in place make me some sort of amateur criminal for purchasing my medication. 

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