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Hello, my name is Jeffrey William Kennedy, and I’m a patient, not a criminal.

I am one of the co-founders and creators of Imapatientnotacriminal.org. We have created this site to educate the public on the safety of using medical cannabis as an alternative to current pharmaceutical drugs doctors prescribe to their patients.

In August of 2009, police were called to my home because of a burglary. The burglary investigation soon turned into an investigation of my possible drug trafficking. When the police located my miracle medical cannabis garden (26 plants) growing in back of our home, they arrested and humiliated me in front of all my neighbors.

Eighteen months later all charges were dismissed.

My experience with the police and the legal system has motivated me to educate the public about medical cannabis, and to help patients who have been arrested for using it and have the courage to fight back against our legal system.

Basically, we have two ways of making medical cannabis legal:

We can try to do it the political way. But I think we can all agree, if done that way, our government would have to admit a cover up!

The other way is to make change through our legal system. That means if you are a sick or disabled person, and have been arrested for trying to live a better quality of life using medical cannabis. You have a defense! It’s called “The Medical Necessity Defense.”

I have won my battle! Now we need to come together and win the war!

So, please donate here to receive shirts, hats and cozies. Get them now and wear them proud. And remember: with your donation, you are helping to bring us one step closer to legalizing cannabis for medical use. And you’re helping fellow patients who have been arrested and have the courage to say no to corrupt deals offered by prosecutors.

All donations will go towards making a change in the law and keeping patients free.

Thank You & Be Safe,

Jeffrey Kennedy

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